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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Why a Stairlift?

Why a Stairlift?

When stairs become an obstacle, a low cost stairlift is a wonderful solution.

Woman and Granddaughter Playing with a Doll
Woman and Granddaughter Playing with a Doll
  • Ease the anxiety about the safety and comfort for yourself or of your loved ones; when you can't always be by their side.
  • Enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of your home, the home you have grown to love over the years.
  • No worries, fears or stress that a loved one you are caring for will fall down the stairs.
  • Provides ‘Peace of Mind’!
  • Slipping or falling while walking up and down the stairs is one of the leading causes of accidents in the home.
  • When you compare the choice of purchasing a one-story home, moving to an assisted living center or the cost of adding an additional room to the first floor, a stair lift is by far the most reasonable and economical choice.

Safety, Convenience, Freedom, Independence

  • Able to go upstairs to bed or to the bathroom just makes life easier
  • Access bedroom and bathroom on a regular basis throughout the day
  • Aids people with limited mobility
  • Avoid having to convert or remodel your home
  • Battery operation 
  • Can carry on living in my own home
  • Can open up the whole house to someone
  • Carries injured, elderly or disabled person from one floor to another
  • Comfortable sleep knowing there is no risk of trips and falls on stairs
  • Conserve your personal energy
  • Convenient access to all levels of the home
  • Do not have to negotiate any stairs
  • Do not need to be limited to only the downstairs
  • Do not need to move to a ground floor home
  • Don’t have to wait until there is someone to help you with the stairs
  • Eliminate enduring the pain of climbing stairs
  • Eliminates anxiety and fear of falling down stairs
  • Exterior stairlift for mobility access to the home
  • Exterior stairlifts avoid danger of wet and slippery conditions
  • Gives back independence and safely to access all rooms of the home
  • Greatly reduce risk of injury from walking up and down the stairs
  • Health condition mobility aid 
  • Helps to cut down on accidents on the stairway
  • I have 'Peace of mind' from falling down the stairs
  • Improve the negative impact on both physical and mental well-being
  • Improves disabled access in your home
  • Improve your independence 
  • It's safe and so easy to use
  • Keep your independence and freedom
  • Many gain a new lease on life and find new independence
  • More energy left over for other things now
  • My children are much happier now
  • My home is so much safer now
  • My family has piece of mind knowing their parents can go to bed safely at night
  • No falling down stairs
  • No need to remodel, build an extension or convert other rooms in the house
  • No need to risk hurting yourself by slipping on the stair treads or carpet
  • Once again can climb stairs but now in a comfortable seated position
  • Optimum personal safety
  • Outdoor stairlift can ensure enjoyment of the outdoors, garden and back yard
  • Peace of Mind  
  • Personal safety navigating the stairs
  • Physical Stress Mobility Solution 
  • Provides easy access to the top floors of your house
  • Reduces pain and difficulty climbing the stairs
  • Reduces stress of care giver & patient to help with mobility
  • Reduces the number of trips and falls on stairs often resulting in serious injury
  • Regain full use of your home 
  • Regain Independent living in your own home
  • Regain lost quality of life
  • Regain your freedom 
  • Remain in familiar surroundings
  • Remain in your own home - the home that you love
  • Rewarding to be able to provide a permanent solution for stairs difficulty
  • Safe use of the stairlift puts people's minds at rest
  • Safely access the bedroom at night not having to spend the night on the sofa or armchair
  • Saves having to crawl up and down the stairs on your hands and knees
  • Slim line design folding seat and footrest 
  • Stairlifts are a great health and safety device