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What Happens If There Is a Power Outage?

What Happens if there is a Power Outage?



Power failure

What happens if there is a loss of electrical power to my home?

Stairlift Battery Works During Power Outage
Stairlift Battery Works During Power Outage

Stairlifts equipped with DC Battery Power provide a safety safeguard. In the event of a loss of electrical power to the home, with a fully charged battery, DC Battery Powered Stairlifts Work During a Power Outage. You may still continue to use the stairlift.


What happens if there is a power failure, will I be stranded?

• An A/C electric operated unit Will NOT operate during a power outage.

• A Battery Power stairlift Will Continue to work even if you have a power cut.
A DC Battery Power and advanced Technology in stairlifts was designed for inherent advantages of safety, smooth power delivery and the ability to operate normally during a power failure.
If there is a home electrical power failure during a power outage, the DC battery powered chair lift will operate for as long as the batteries last for (typically 20 round trips).
A fully charged battery will complete approximately 15 to 20 return trips on an average staircase. The actual number is dependent on the length of stairs, angle of the staircase and the weight of the user.
With normal use, the batteries stay good for an average of 3 years. They cost in the region of $70.00 per pair. Typical cost for a 12V battery is $35 each.

If the electricity power goes out during a power outage, the AC powered chair lift will not operate.

Power Generator

  • Stair lifts are either AC powered directly using the electricity from your home or are DC rechargeable battery pack powered.
  • If there is an electrical power failure, the Battery Operating System (BOS) will operate for as long as the batteries last (typically 20 return trips).
  • It is a good idea to buy a backup power generator in the case of an extended long term electrical power failure, possibly after a severe storm or hurricane. When it might take days for the power to come back on.
  • Since stair lifts are essential in aiding a person up and down the stairs, a backup power generator will ensure that a person will not be confined to one level of the home; if the electricity is not reinstated for an extended period of time.