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Stand-Up Stairlift

Woman Traveling Downstairs on a Stand Stairlift
Woman Traveling Downstairs on a Stand Stairlift

Stand-up Stairlifts, the ideal solution for narrow stairs or trouble bending knees

Do you have a knee problem which prevents you from fully bending your legs? If so, a stand stairlift may be more comfortable.
Sometimes it is not feasible to use the standard stairlift. Possibly this is because the stairs are especially narrow, or because the user's legs will not bend enough to allow them to sit down on the stairlift.
Stand Stairlifts are available with most straight stairlifts ideal for when the user may have trouble sitting or bending at the knee and therefore cannot use a standard stairlift.
If more than one person needs the use of a stair lift, but have different requirements, then a multiple user sit or stand stairlift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.
The Stand Up Stairlift is ideal for people who have difficulty with their knee joints and want to avoid the hassle of sitting down for no longer than a couple of minutes.
Not only is the Stand Up Stairlift smooth and quiet, it has a safety barrier or grab bar and a safety belt for added piece of mind.
For users who are unable to bend their knees sufficiently to travel in a seated position, stand up stairlifts offer a clever solution: a lift that can be used standing up so you don’t have to bend your knees at all.
Stairlift manufacturers understand a lot of their customers suffer with illnesses and ailments, such as arthritis in the hips and knees, which will make sitting down and standing back up reasonably a difficulty, so the idea of a stairlift seems like something that is going to be challenging to use.
The stand stairlift is a new design in which the user is able to stand on the foot plate on the stairlift itself, eliminating the problem a lot of our users are faced with. So if you or your loved one has problems sitting or bending then a stand stairlift is the solution you’re looking for.
Manufacturers offer a stand model that has several features to make the ride as comfortable as possible. If you want extra peace of mind then the Stand Stairlift may be a wonderful solution. There are also Ease of Use features on stairlifts which have received the ease of use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.