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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


The Sit or Stand Stairlift

Sit or Stand Stairlift

Dual Purpose Multiuser Sit or Stand Stairlift

Dual Purpose Chair Sit or Stand Capability


Manufacturers Sit or Stand Stairlifts assist passengers to have the option of Sitting or Standing on a Stairlift. Dual Purpose stairlifts come in two forms a sit or stand stairlift and also a perch or stand stairlift .


Stand Stairlifts are for passengers that have restricted movement in the hip joints, knees or back and find sitting difficult or painful and prefer standing during the journey up and down the stairs. Passengers stand on a foot platform on the stairlift and hold onto a grab bar or wander lead while traveling on the stairlift.


A sit or stand stairlift is designed for multiple users in the home with different requirements; the Sit/Stand Stairlift allows one user to sit in the chair or the other user to stand while using the stairlift.

Sit or stand stair lifts are the perfect choice when one person is able to sit safely when using a stair lift; and the other has difficulty bending their knees.
With many of the same features and options as straight stair lifts, the sit or stand stair lift gives the user the option to either sit or stand in comfort and safety.
An Infra-red remote control can 'send' or 'call' the stairlift for another's use. The stairlift user can use the Stair lift, then the user using a Remote Control can send the stairlift back to the original location, up or down the stairs, for the second user to utilize the stairlift. A remote control can also be used by a care giver.