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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


The Curved Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlift for a Curved Staircase

The Curved Rail Stairlifts


Custom made curved stairlifts are the perfect solution for you if your staircase has bends, corners, 90° right angles or 180° turns. 


Curved staircases are a stylish, elegant graceful and a significant part of any home, but don't allow them to compromise your independence. Curved stairlifts are very unique; a solution for more complex staircases and curved staircases are not identical. A custom made curved stairlift is the perfect solution, if your staircase has 90° right angles turns, 180° angles turns, bends, curves or corners.

Consequently, any stairlift to be installed on a curved staircase must be custom measured, designed, engineered and manufactured. A stairlift expert surveyor must measure the staircase.
For their custom design, curved stairlifts are usually more expensive than straight stairlifts. A curved stairlift cannot be price estimated without the taking of an on-site detailed set of staircase measurements. Some manufacturers offer a free no-obligation on-site survey and consultation. A proper assessment and measurements of the staircase and surrounding environment must be precise and thorough.
Since each staircase that has bends or curves is different in design from another, even if the houses are in the same street with "identical" stairs; if the dimensions of a staircase measurement varies by as little as 0.98 of an inch or 25mm then you can have potential problems. The curved stairlift has to be manufactured or modular fitted specifically for that staircase.
This can influence the cost when compared to a straight staircase, as the straight rail need only be fitted to the required length of staircase travel. Straight rail stairlifts can be held 'in stock' and therefore can be fitted within a day or two of an order, compared with a manufacturing time of several weeks or a month for a curved lift.
Some manufacturers have developed unique modular rail systems which enables reduced installation cost and time. If several weeks or a month for a curved lift installation is too long, the “modular” rail concept for an emergency or hurried installation requirement may be in order.
For a manufacturer this unique process allows the rail portion of the lift to be quickly assembled from stock components, enabling faster delivery and installation than other curved stairlift manufacturers on the market. This unique rail system means they will fit all types of staircases, and can be installed in a matter of days rather than weeks. Even the most complex staircase can be accommodated. And a slim, attractive rail attaches directly to your stairs (not the wall), so there's no damage to your home.


Due to the totally modular design of this Curved Stairlifts Modular Rail Design, it is possible to curve around at the top or bottom of the stairs and continue the lift down a hallway, allowing a shorter distance to walk from the chair area to a bedroom or bathroom.
Some worldwide stairlift manufacturers feature a comprehensive range of rail sections and other components, which allow the stairlift to be installed efficiently to almost any curved staircase.
One curved stairlifts manufacturer highlights a curved stairlifts FastTrack'  Fast Installation Delivery Process, a modular track rail reduced installation time process, which can complete a curved stairlift installation in a matter of hours or days from the time of the initial assessment of the home staircase.
The manufacturer features a comprehensive range of rail sections and other components which allow the stairlift to be installed efficiently and rapidly to almost any curved staircase. With an initial assessment of your home situation, skilled engineers can ensure a proper stairlift system installation tailored to fit your needs perfectly.