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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Swivel Seat with Lock

Swivel Seat with Lock

Stairlift Swivel Seat

Some stairlifts have a Swivel Seat with a safety locking catch.  A Swivel Seat allows easy and safe dismount, at the top of the stairs, without the need to twist the body or legs.


You can swivel (turn) the chair, so that you are safely facing away from the staircase, with direct access onto the landing area. The seat automatically locks into position to prevent accidental slipping.


The safety switch isolates the stairlift drive circuitry when the passenger seat is in the swivel position. The stairlift will not move until the seat swivel is locked back into its safe traveling position.

Swivel Seat Chair

Man Swiveling in a Swivel Seat at the Top Landing of the Staircase
Man Swiveling in a Swivel Seat at the Top Landing of the Staircase
  • A stair lift carriage equipped with a Swivel Seat will turn and lock into position, allowing the stair lift user to dismount in safety at the top of the stairs. A swivel seat also acts as a barrier, preventing the user from potentially falling back down the stairs.


  • Your stairlift should be equipped with a Swivel Seat on the carriage to ensure greater safety. A swivel seat allows the user to safely dismount from the stair lift at the top of the stairs.


  • Specifically. a swivel seat acts as a barrier that prevents the user from falling back down the stairs. This is because, as you swivel round on the swivel seat, the back of the stair lift seat is now behind you which prevents you from falling back down the stairs after use.


  • These chairs swivel and make it easier for the user to board and disembark the machine. Swivel seat chairs are safer for the user, as when disembarking the machine, the chair faces away from the lift, therefore decreasing the chance of falling down any stairs. The stair lift will not operate; until the user has safely locked the swivel chair into place.


  • A lockable swivel seat allows the user to safely enter and exit the stair lift without the need for twisting the body.


  • A Swivel Seat  locks in either 45° or 90° position allowing the seat to turn and lock in either a 45° or 90° position, helping you get in and out of your stair lift, easily and safely.