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Summit MAX Heavy Duty Stair Lift


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The Summit MAX Heavy Duty
Stair Lift
Quality construction makes this high capacity lift a durable and reliable choice, handling up to a 500 lb load. The chairs can be called by either a wall mounted control or hand held remote control. The summit max operates on 115v at 15 amps. Summit max has a 2 year parts and 5 year power train warranty.

All of summits stair lifts are made in America and come in either battery or AC powered models. The battery stair lifts are always charging regardless of its position on the tracking assuring you will never be left stranded.

• Constant-pressure controls stop the lift the instant you
  release the control
• Limit switches automatically shut unit off at the top and bottom
  of the stairs
• Seat swivels 180 degrees toward top landing for safe and
  easy entry and exit
• Safety switch prevents lift from running when the seat is not in
  proper position

Industry leading weight capacity - 500 lb.
Spacious comfortable 23" extra wide high-backed contoured
  seat ensures a comfortable, secure ride
Reinforced footrest for added security
Smooth starts and stops
Operates on household current

The seat swivels at the top landing making it easier to get on
  and off the lift. Safetysensors prevent the lift from running
  when the seat is not in the proper position.
Heavy-duty armrests help provide more secure transfers.
Capacity-500 lb.
Top seat height- 20”
Bottom seat height- 23”
Travel-Up to 20’
Track-Extruded Aluminum
Motor-1/2 hp 90 VDC
Electric Supply-110 VAC grounded outlet
Cable-Aircraft cable rated at 4,200 lb. breaking strength
Finish-Durable off white powder coat finish, choice of 3
Controls-Constant pressure pendant control, and choice of 2
  hand or foot activated call controls (24 volt) or wall-mounted
  call-send controls
Warranty-2 year warranty on all component parts and drive


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