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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Hawle Treppenlifte HW 20 Straight Stairlift


Hawle Treppenlifte
  Hawle Treppenlifte
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Hawle Treppenlifte HW 20 Straight Stairlift
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The Hawle Treppenlifte HW 20
Straight Rail Stairlift

Accessibility in everyday life

Our stairlift allows you to get back your known mobility if your stairs became a barrier. With the model HW 20 we can also offer a stairlift solution for straight stairs. And this is fast and solid. 


Stairlift for straight stairs. Not every straight staircase is consistently walkable. Doors in front of the stairs are no problem with the installation of a lift with a hinge rail.


The safe access to the lift will be possible with the included swivel seat. If the lift is not needed it takes not much space on the stairs while the seat is folded up.


Therefore this lift is a real wonder for small space conditions. And with its different expendabilities it is also a perfect solution for most stairs. This lift is also optical adaptable with many selectable upholsteries.


The HW 20 combines progressive technology with high comfort. It scores with short delivery times and presents also a good quality for an economy price. It’s easy and convenient operation and the solid durability makes this lift to a very reliable help for your everyday life.


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