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Harmar Summit SL350DC Stairlift - Power Indoor Stair Lift


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The Harmar Summit SL350DC Power Indoor Stair Lift
Harmar Summit Stair Lifts transform unfriendly multi-story houses into easily accessible homes. ModelsThe SL350DC model takes the Harmar Indoor Stair Lift one step further with a battery system that provides 15-20 trips even if there is no power. Providing peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. The SL350DC is the only unit in the industry that charges ANYWHERE on the track!! Another fantastic feature of a cable unit.

The Indoor Stair Lift from Harmar is a great solution when walking up and down your indoor stairs is no longer an option. Our Stair Lifts transform unfriendly multi-story houses into easily accessible homes. Models available for every budget make staying in your home a safe and simple reality.

With a cable-operated system that uses a steel aircraft cable rated at 4,200 pounds breaking strength, you are guaranteed a smooth and safe ride. We understand that your comfort is very important and a necessary need, that is why we have selected the only cable driven stair lift provided on the market today. All other stair lifts run on a gear rack. The downside to this is that as the gears travel over the rack, gripping to each section, the stair lift jolts and leaves you with a bumpy ride. When your have back pains, leg pains or any pains for that matter; any jolts and/or bumps can cause even greater pain. Our cable unit provides a safe and smooth ride with exceptional comfort.

Another feature that separates this unit from its competitors is the 90 degree swivel seat that swivels at not only the top, but the bottom as well! This feature allows for a safe entry and exit of your stair lift. It also has safety sensors on each side of the footplate which stops the lift if there are any obstructions on the track or staircase. And don t forget the call/send stations at both the top and bottom of the unit making it easy and convenient to bring the stair lift to you, no matter where you need it.

Harmar is the only stair lift line in the industry that are universal to be mounted on either the right side or left side of your staircase requiring no additional parts to be transferred to either side.

Power Options
Summit® stair lifts are available in two convenient power options. Choose between safe, AC electrical operation (low voltage, 24V controls), or add protection against power outages by using our DC battery operated system.
Industry leading 350 pound standard capacity
Fast, simple installation
Smooth starts and stops
Extremely safe design installs on either side of
Mounts to the stairs – not the wall
Operates on standard 115 VAC household current
Extruded aluminum track is available in custom
Wide, comfortable seat rotates 90 degrees at both
  top and bottom landings
Seat and footrest fold to save space
Lift automatically stops at top and bottom  of stairs
Unit control can mount on either armrest of the seat
Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs
Call/Send control at top and bottom of stairs
3-year warranty on components / 5-year on drive
Made in America!
• Capacity: 350 lbs.
• Maximum Travel: 20 feet (25 feet with reduced
  capacity to 250 lbs)
• Electrical requirements: 115 VAC, 15 amp minimum
  grounded circuit
• Safety: Constant pressure controls, slack cable
  safety device, footrest safety switches, self-locking
  worm gear brake, locking seat swivel and safety
  switch, and seat belt
• Seat width: 19 inches (21” option available)
• Seat rotation at landing: 90 degrees
• Seat folds to 14” from wall
• Speed: 20 feet per minute
• Incline limits: 30 to 45 degrees
• Steel aircraft cable rated at 4,200 pounds breaking
• Motor: AC Units: 1/3 HP 90 VDC Reversible and
  DC Units: 1/3 HP 24 VDC Reversible
• Warranty: 3-year parts / 5-year drive train

ETL Listed. Harmar Access designs all lifts to meet the stringent requirements of ANSI A17.1b, and ASME A18.1 when installed properly. Those wishing to acquire these products need to check with local authorities to assure local code compliance, installation requirements, and determine if permits are required.
Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
• Weight: 235 lbs.
Seat Size: 19" x 14" (21" width option)
Seat Rotation: 90 degrees (Top and Bottom)
Distance from Wall w/Seat Folded: 14"
Speed: 20 Feet Per Minute
Incline Limit: 30-45 Degrees
Seat Height - Top of Stairs: 19"
Seat Height - Bottom of Stairs: 23"
Warranty: 3-Year Parts/5-Year Drive Train


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