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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Harmar Alpine II RP350 Stair Lift - Straight Rail Stair Lift


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The Harmar Alpine II RP350
Straight Rail Stair Lift

Featuring over 20 enhancements on version II! Alpine’s traditional value is now even better, with faster and easier installation thanks to pre-mounted 19” track section. New bolt-mounted end-cap prevents time- consuming overruns. And a host of small details, from upholstery stitching to the plastic components, add up in this Alpine upgrade.


Soft Start and Soft Stop moves the rider effortlessly between levels. Alpine’s proven rack and pinion drive system continues to offer its high level of safety and dependability.

Proven Rack and Pinion drive system
Quiet Drive System with Soft Start and Stop
DC Drive even runs during power interruptions
Aesthetic track, finished floor mounts
Integrated charging bases
Upholstered seat and armrest
Folding footrest
Includes two wireless remote controls
Pre-mounted on 19” track section
Service-friendly, two-piece chassis cover design
Easy access to manual back-up
300 lbs. capacity
Drive System - Rack & Pinion
Maximum Weight Capacity - 00 lbs.
Track (Rail) Type - Extruded Aluminum Natural Finish
Travel - 16' Standard; 32' Maximum (9.8m)
Average Number of Return Trips per Charge - 10-20
Lift Mounts to Steps or Wall - Steps
Minimum Folded Width - 15.25" (38.7 cm)
Electrical Requirements - 100V - 240V AC
Operation Power - 24 VDC Battery/AC
Speed - 19 fpm
Safety Devices - Limit Switches, Final Limit Switch, Footrest
  Obstruction, Switch, Swivel Seat Cut-off, Switch, Constant
  Pressure, Controls, Seat Belt
Warranty - 3-Year on components, 1-Year on batteries


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