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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Precision Stairlifts Models

Precision Stairlifts Models

          HW 20                       HW 10 Curved                        Outdoor   

Precision Stairlifts offers the full line of indoor and outdoor curved Stairlifts manufactured in Europe by Hawle Treppenlifte.

Hawle Treppenlifte

  Hawle Treppenlifte
    Hawle Treppenlifte HW 10 Curved Stairlift
Hawle Treppenlifte HW 20 Straight Stairlift
    Hawle Treppenlifte Outdoor Stairlift
    Hawle Product Line


Straight Stairlifts
  Hawle HW 20 Straight
    HW 20 Features
    HW 20 Options 
    HW 20 Specifications

 Hawle Outdoor Straight

    Hawle Outdoor Features

      Hawle Outdoor Options
    Hawle Outdoor Specs

Curved Stairlift
  Hawle HW 10 Curved
    HW 10 Curved Features
    HW 10 Curved Options
    HW 10 Curved Specs
  Hawle Outdoor Curved

    Hawle OD Curved Features
      Hawle OD Curved Options

    Hawle OD Curved Specs

Hawle Treppenlifte HW10

Stairlifts by HAWLE  - HW 10 model - for the curved stairway. Individual configurations for individual solutions. Space-saving parking even in exceedingly narrow spaces. The Hawle stairlift can equally well be installed in old and in new buildings

Hawle Treppenlifte HW20

The Hawle stairlift allows you to get back your known mobility if your stairs became a barrier. The model HW 20 can also offer a stairlift solution for straight stairs. And this is fast and solid.

Hawle Treppenlifte Outdoor

Hawle stairlifts are especially designed for outdoor use. These outdoor lifts are assembled at the factory and they are all perfectly fitted to personal requirements.


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