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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Freelift Stairlifts Models

Freelift Stairlifts Models

        Rembrandt                           Van Gogh                           Vermeer

Freelift Stairlifts
  Freelift Stairlifts
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Curved Stairlift
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Freelift Rembrandt

The Rembrandt stairlift has the same luxurious and low noise qualities as the Van Gogh but is specially designed for the inside bend of the stairs. The track runs above the narrow side of the stairs, the broad section of the stairs remains completely free for other stair users.

Freelift Van Gogh 

The Freelift Van Gogh consists of a single tubular track, which is less than 8cm in diameter, and provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride up even the most complicated of staircases.

Freelift Vermeer

Freelift Vermeer Stairlift
The Freelift Vermeer is usually fitted to the inside of the stairs, sometimes the outside. In principle, it is identical to the Rembrandt and the Van Gogh in terms of technique, appearance and materials.

Convenience serves people... and lifting equipment of Handicare has been doing just that for more than 125 years. With technical perfection, intelligent solutions and safe applications, Handicare’s innovations have provided not only greater comfort, but also more attractive stairlifts... in your style, your taste. Top quality in all respects make the Handicare stairlift a valuable asset for independence around the home. Many satisfied users experience that every day.

Quality and safety

All our new products are delivered with 2 years warranty. A Handicare stairlift stands for high quality: quality in terms of safety, innovation, comfort and design. Furthermore, all our products are tested and approved by worldwide independent inspection services. This gives you the assurance that all our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and safety


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