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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Bison Bede Stairlifts Models

Bison Bede Stairlifts Models

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Curved Stairlift
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Bison Bede 80 Straight Stairlift

The Bison 80 (chair), a solution for straight staircases
Now available from Bison is the new Bison 80 stairlift. Retaining all the characteristics of the original Compact that made it one of the worlds best selling straight stairlifts, the Bison 80 has been designed to deliver even swifter cleaner installations, and greater reliability and operation.

The Bison 80 provides an even smoother and comfortable ride quality with a built in soft start and stop facility. The integral high power re-chargeable battery pack ensures the stairlift is always available for use even in the event of a mains power failure and removes the need for an external battery box.

The slimline design of the Bison 80 ensures it will fit on even the narrowest of straight stairs, folding up to less then 12 inches (300mm) when not in use ensuring maximum access to the staircase is available to non-stairlift users.

The Bison 80 has been designed to easily blend into your home and should quickly become as much a part of your life as your favourite armchair. A choice of different seat heights are available, to maximise comfort. The Bison 80 also offers a choice of seatbelts to ensure safe travel on the stairlift, additional safety and peace of mind.

The footrest of the Bison 80 is extremely close to the floor, and stops level with the top step for easy access to the landing. Safety edges automatically stop the lift if they sense an obstruction whilst the stairlift is in motion. For people who have difficulty in bending, the optional powered footrest raiser will effortlessly fold away the stairlift when not in use.

The Bison 80 has been fitted with a Self Diagnostic Display on the carriage which indicates the status of the lift and service information.

When it comes to parking there is an optional Auto Parking facility which, at the press of a button, will automatically fold away any powered seats, footrest or hinges and park the stairlift on the rail.

Every element of Bison 80 has been designed to provide an even more comfortable ride and years of reliable use.

Bison Bede 80 Curved Stairlift

The Bison 80, a solution for curved staircases
The Bison 80 stairlift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability. Incorporating many of the characteristics of Bison's best selling straight stairlifts the Bison 80 is a truly class leading product offering a wide range of options and accessories. Using the latest technology and Bison's modular rail concept, the Bison 80 has been developed to accommodate virtually all curved staircases.

Engineering excellence ensures the Bison 80 Stairlift provides a comfortable ride along a continuous slim and attractively finished rail on either the inner or outer curvature of your staircase.

The slim, stylish, yet robust design allows for plenty of access even on narrow stairs and has been designed to be a piece of modern furniture, to ensure it blends subtly into your home.

Designed with ease of use and comfort in mind, The Bison 80 is operated using a rocker switch located on the armrest. Additional radio frequency remotes can also be provided to allow the lift to be remotely called.


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