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Summit Stair Lifts
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Life is good again
Summit® Stairlift
Discover the Many Advantages of a Summit® Stairlift

Cost Considerations
In addition to the cost for the lift, be sure to consider the cost for installation, maintenance and repair. Many lifts require a two-person team, up to half-a-day to install, and you pay for it! Our lifts are so simple to install, it takes less than 2 hours.
The maintenance and repair costs for our lifts are also lower because we do not use expensive circuit
boards that are prone to failure.

The need for secure support is paramount. It’s why our armrests are extra rigid. It’s why our seats swivel exactly as they do. It’s why our back rest is adjustable. It’s why we use aircraft cable rated up to 4,200 lbs. on a drive system that has withstood the test of time for more than 50 years. It’s why safety sensors do not allow the lift to run unless the seat is in the proper position. It’s why our footrest has safety sensors to stop the lift if they encounter any obstacles on the stairs.

Our lifts are designed for fast, easy installation. The reason our lifts are so easy to install is because we do the hard part at the factory. The carriage is pre-installed on a short section of track. Installation is not much more complex than connecting a length of track, attaching it to the stairs, bolting down the seat, and plugging it in. Our installation instructions are clearly illustrated and very detailed, plus expert advice is never more than a phone call away.

Comfort and Convenience
The backrest has three different settings, and the fold-up footrest adjusts to two different heights for the utmost in custom comfort. The seat swivels 90° towards the landing at both top and bottom to address bending, balancing and twisting issues when transitioning to and from the lift. The spacious, wide seat features thick padding and attractive upholstery. The unit-control switch requires little manual dexterity to operate and is conveniently located at the end of the armrest.
Summit Access
SL350 Series Stairway Lifts

Summit Access Stair Lifts transform unfriendly multi-story houses into easily accessible homes. Models available for every budget make staying in your home a safe and simple reality. Summit Access Stair Lifts are the perfect solution to reliably and effortlessly traverse your staircase in complete comfort.

Industry leading 350 pound standard capacity
Fast, simple installation
Smooth starts and stops
Extremely safe design installs on either side of staircase
Mounts to the stairs – not the wall
Operates on standard 115 VAC household current
Extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths
Wide, comfortable seat rotates 90 degrees at both top and bottom landings
Seat and footrest fold to save space
Lift automatically stops at top and bottom of stairs
Unit control can mount on either armrest of the seat
Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs
Call/Send control at top and bottom of stairs
3-year warranty on components / 5-year on drive train
Made in America!
Summit Power Options
Unlike other manufacturers, Summit Lifts provides you with the choice of two convenient power options. Choose between safe, AC electrical operation (low voltage, 24V controls), or add protection against power outages by using our DC battery operated system. Unlike other units, our DC battery operated unit continually recharges regardless of its position on the track. This eliminates the need for you to remember to park the lift on charging pins or to make sure it is in a charging zone.

Our lift folds to within 14” of the wall when not in use, and the track is only 10” wide, leaving plenty of room for foot traffic.

• Simple installation
• Installs on either side of staircase
• Mounts to the stairs - not the wall
• Travel up to 20 feet
• Extruded aluminum track is factory cut to fit your stairs
• Track only takes up 10” of staircase and chair folds to 14” from wall
• Unit-controls mount on either armrest
• Foot or finger-activated call controls for wall or floor mounting at top and bottom of stairs, or optional wall-mounted
  call/send controls
• Constant-pressure controls stop the lift the instant you release the control
• Limit switches automatically shut unit off at the top and bottom of the stairs
• Footrest safety sensors stop the lift should it contact anything on the stairs
• Wide, comfortable seat swivels 90° toward landing at each level for safe and easy enter and exit
• Safety switch prevents lift from running when seat is not in proper position
• 300 lbs capacity: aircraft cable rated for 4,200 lbs
• Durable off white powder coat finish with choice of 3 upholsteries
• Operates on standard household current, 110 VAC grounded outlet
• Smooth starts and stops
• Warranty: 3/5 years (parts/powertrain) labor not included
• Made in America!

Pictures (L-R)

Safety sensors on the footrest stops travel the instant an obstacle is detected.

Optional wall-mounted call/send controls enable you to control the lift from either landing.

Rocker controls can be installed on either arm.

Optional folding arms fold up to create more room on the stairway. Their height is easily adjusted to accommodate different sized people.

Use the optional side-car basket to carry groceries, laundry and other items up and down stairs.

Hand-held pendant controls come standard with folding arm seat.
500lb. Capacity

Heaviest capacity in the industry 23” wide, high-backed contoured seat helps ensure a comfortable, secure ride.
Reinforced footrest for added stability. Heavy-duty armrests help provide more secure transfers.

Inclined Cargo Lift
Make lifting large, heavy or bulky items up and down stairs easier and safer!

Promote safety in:

• Storage rooms
• Warehouses
• Mezzanines
• Manufacturing plants
SL600 Pinnacle™ Premium Stair Lift

• Narrowest stair lift in the industry—only 11” when folded
• Wireless remotes for effortless stair lift accessibility
• Comfortable seat with height adjustment
• Swivel seat at upper landing, for easy and safe entry and exit
• Uses less electricity than a 25 watt light bulb!
• Lightweight unit weighs only 165 lbs (chair and 16ft track)
• Standard unit is 16ft; additional lengths available up to 70ft
• Easily changeable from left or right side of stairway
• No greases or lubricants; easy to vacuum and keep clean
• Easily changeable from left or right side of stairway
• 3-year warranty on components/lifetime warranty on gear rack/1-year warranty on batteries

Seat upholstery colors: Light almond
is standard; alpine, ruby or bluebell
available as an optional upgrade)

Information At A Glance
Easy operating controls and indicator lights

Safety & Security
Removable key lock for safety when you are away (optional upgrade)

Unique Drive System
Patented drive system makes more than 2 times the amount
of trips on battery power than other leading units

Safety sensors on carriage and footrest stop the lift instantly if an obstacle is encountered

Harmar stair lifts are designed to meet ANSI/ ASME A18.1 Performance Safety Standards when properly equipped. While Harmar stair lifts meet national standards, it is imperative to check state and local code requirements before installing to ensure compliance. All state and local compliance is the responsibility of the purchaser. Some states may require fees for site preparation and permits. The Pinnacle should only be installed by a certified, professional Harmar installer. If the stair lift is installed by any other means, the purchaser and installer assume responsibility for issues that may arise involving improper installation.

Minimum folded width - 11”
Minimum footrest height - 3.5”
Minimum swing length (check knees) - 26”
Clear distance between armrests - 19”
Floor to seat height—low/high - 20”/24.5”
Minimum wall to stair side of rail - 6.5”
Seat depth - 16”
Backrest height from top of seat - 18”
Maximum weight capacity - 350 lbs
Electrical requirements - 115 VAC
Operation power - 24V DC Battery
Maximum travel - 70 ft
Speed - 17 ft/minute
Incline limits - 32–52˚
Drive system Polymer worm/worm-rack
Motor output speed at rated load - 62 rpm
Motor output torque at rated load - 18 lb/ft
Motor output amps at rated load - 14 amps
Track (rail) type Extruded aluminum
Average number of return trips per charge - 20–40 (varies with load, length)
Number of tools required to install - 5
Symmetrical lift (installs to left or right or stairs)- Yes
Interchangeable arms (left or right hand operation) - Yes
Need to open chassis to install or change sides? - No
Lift mounts to steps or wall? - Steps
Pinnacle - Premium Stair Lifts

The most advanced straight stair lift ever developed. Engineered to the highest industry standards, Harmar’s Pinnacle stair lifts are designed for optimal comfort, convenience and aesthetics. The space-saving Pinnacle folds to just 11,” making it the narrowest lift on the market today. And its patented helical worm gear drive generates the smoothest, safest and most energy-efficient ride available.

Just 11” wide folded—the industry’s narrowest
• Patented helical worm drive is smooth, safe and energy-efficient
• DC drive even runs during power interruptions
• Non-handed. Ready to install on either side of the staircase.
• Clean installation and maintenance. No grease or lubricants to apply or clean up
• Patented Folding Rail Option—a first in the industry, it’s fully automatic to eliminate obstruction at the stair base.
• Powerful enough to travel up to a 52-degree incline
• Available Signature model with premium contour seat
• Lightweight. The heaviest component is 58 lbs. (26 kg) in a box with convenient carry handles
• 350 lbs. lifting capacity

The energy-efficient patented worm drive requires no greases or lubricants.
An industry first, automatic fold design eliminates obstructions at the bottom of the stairway.
Safety sensors on carriage and platform stop the lift instantly at obstacles.

Pinnacle Heavy Duty (SL600HD)

Industry leading 600 lbs. capacity. High-backed, contoured 25” wide seat helps ensure a comfortable and secure ride. Sturdy, stationary armrests and reinforced footrest add stability for safer transfers. Slides out from wall as it swivels at landings for easier entry and exit.

• High capacity seat, arm and footrest frames
• Folding footrest
• Integrated, easy to use constant-pressure controls
• Swivels at landings for entry and exit
• Up to 40-feet travel
• Non-handed for easy installation on right or left side
• 600 lbs. capacity—the industry’s best!

Summit Lifts Stairlifts Models

       SL350DC                          SL350AC                             Max                                 Pinnacle

2008 - Harmar acquired Summit Lifts for its popular stair lift line and to increase expertise in home accessibility.