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Ergonomically designed for all staircases.

The design of the Starla upholds the quality, reliability and safety values that we champion. Also, with more custom options than any other stairlift, it can be tailor-made to suit the interior of your home.
Fresh, contemporary styling with the best
in stairlift engineering.

The simple contours along with five classic colour  options make the Siena a smart and practical  addition to any home. The Siena comes with a  custom-made dual rail that will hug the contours  of your stairs precisely and folds away neatly.
Ideal for narrow, straight staircases.

The Saxon is a classic Stannah stairlift model built for straight staircases. It comes with the same attention to quality, safety and reliability  as all Stannah stairlifts.

Designed for external straight stairs.

Designed especially to help you while outside, the Stannah Outdoor stairlift is fully waterproof and comes with the same assurances of quality, safety and reliability as every Stannah stairlift.
Child Seat
A chair for children, security for parents.

For your child’s safety, we worked closely with a leading paediatric mobility specialist to make sure our Child Seat provided a secure and comfortable ride.
Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility,
the Stannah Sadler is a totally new concept in stairlift design.

The Sadler offers a new alternative to traditional and perch-style stairlifts, helping users maintain a more upright posture at the same time as taking much of the user’s weight through the seat, minimising the weight supported by the legs.
Take a look at our Salise and Stratum homelifts.

If you're looking for a homelift to accommodate up to two people or a to take a wheelchair upstairs, take a look at our Salise and Stratum homelifts.
Straight or curved stairs

One of the most important aspects of stairlift installation is the rail. Your staircase will need either a straight or a curved rail to install your stairlift. At Stannah, one of our consultants will come and visit you to give your staircase a comprehensive survey and assess which type of rail is suitable.

Although our stairlifts have been designed to work with most staircases, there are some occasions where installation of a stairlift will not be possible. If this is the case we will not sell you one – your safety comes before our sales figures.

Whether you have straight or curved stairs, our rails are attached to the stairtread, not the wall, and can be fitted to either side of the stairwell – depending on the results of the survey.

We have included some different examples of staircases below.

Straight Staircases
The images above depict straight staircases. Our straight rail is made from aluminum and comes in either a silver or bronze finish.
Spiral Staircase
Curved Staircases
Your guide to buying a stairlift

What should you look for in a stairlift?

Once you’ve made the decision to get a stairlift, the next step is choosing the right model for you.

Peer recommendation

Do you know anybody that owns a stairlift? If so, talk to them – their experience could prove useful. What do they like about their stairlift? What would they change?

Shop around

Ensure you have more than one stairlift quote so you can do a like for like comparison on the complete package, including product features and aftercare services. Choose the right stairlift in your own time.

Professional advice

Make sure that you choose a stairlift manufacturer that has a British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) accreditation, with OFT Code of Conduct approval. They assure you of the integrity of the company you are dealing and the service you receive.

Another good way of assessment is checking which award and accreditations the stairlift provider may already have.

An impartial guide

The BHTA have produced an independent guide to buying a stairlift. Call them on 0207 702 2141 for your free printed copy or visit the BHTA website to download.  

Try before you buy

We understand that purchasing a stairlift is an important decision. This is why we recommend you visit one of our many demonstration centres around the country and go for a test ride before you buy.

What’s the best stairlift for you?

To choose the right stairlift, look at your personal circumstances and consider which product features would benefit you the most. To help you assess your situation, an experienced stairlift sales-person will talk you through the available options and inform you about which type of stairlift will work for you – both now, and in the foreseeable future.