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MediTek’s New Range of Stylish Stairlifts

Helping you stay in the home you love
Just because we expend more energy doing everyday tasks as we get older does not mean we need to limit our ability to enjoy a more contented lifestyle.

One of the great benefits of life today is the ability to let technology take the strain. Stairlifts exist to make life easier and allow us to enjoy a more relaxed, safer and leisurely lifestyle.

Take time to explore our brochure and find out how the MediTek range of stairlifts may be the answer to improving your quality of life.

MediTek is an award* winning stairlift manufacturer, with its international headquarters and factory based in County Durham.

Why Get a Stairlift?
MediTek is a pioneering company with a reputation for designing and building high quality, reliable, products at affordable prices.

Everyone at MediTek understands the real difference assistive technologies, such as domestic stairlifts, can provide in helping to improve lifestyles and enabling you to enjoy more independence at home.

From time to time, climbing steep stairs can be awkward and physically demanding for some people. A stairlift is an excellent product designed to simply provide an easy and convenient way of accessing upper floors quickly and safely, whenever required.

Why take needless risks climbing steep stairs when you can use a stairlift?

*2011 Green Apple Environment Award *2010 Durham & Wearside Business of the Year – Export Category
Straightforward and Reliable

When you choose a MediTek stairlift you can be assured that your needs, comfort and dignity lay at the heart of our business practice. The MediTek stairlift range has been designed specifically for domestic application and will fit unobtrusively and gracefully into your home.

The MediTek E120 Stairlift
A new economical, entry level, stairlift for those who need nothing more than a straightforward, reliable stairlift.

All Essentials Covered
EN81:40 Compliant, 120kg (19st) weight capacity, comfortable and very easy to use, ICS Control Board, environmentally friendly, made in Britain.

The E120 - ‘Where Quality Meets Affordability’
Flexible and Versatile

At MediTek we appreciate that staircases, like people, come in many shapes and sizes. This is why our versatile product selection is wideranging enough to ensure there is a MediTek model just right for you.

The MediTek D160 Deluxe Stairlift
A new modern and versatile stairlift range covering all needs and accessories

All Essentials Covered
EN81:40 Compliant, 160kg (25st) weight capacity, ICS control board, full range of options, choice of fabrics available, made in Britain. The D160 - ‘When Style, Quality, Capability and Reliability Counts’
Bespoke Fitting

To ensure the right stairlift is specified, trained advisors, from our network of approved retailers, will visit your home by appointment. The advisor will consult, survey and assess the most appropriate solution to your specific needs and circumstances.

When not in use our stairlifts can be folded away and with slim profiles will not obstruct the stairway for use by other people.

Whatever your requirements, be they steep stairs, narrow stairs, outdoor stairs, heavy duty or power assisted needs, rest assured there is a MediTek stairlift solution just for you.

Whatever your requirements, be they steep stairs, narrow stairs, outdoor stairs, heavy duty or power assisted needs, rest assured there is a MediTek stairlift solution just for you.


Swivel seat – Manual or optional powered swivel seats make alighting straightforward and easy

Perch Lift - For people who may have difficulty bending their knees or who simply prefer to stand

External Lift – Ideal for any stairs exposed to the elements such as gardens or cellars
Smooth and Durable

To ensure your lift is simple and effortless to operate, MediTek stairlifts have been specifically designed with ease of use, comfort and durability in mind. The MediTek carriage glides along a strong aluminium and steel track using 12 evenly spaced hi-tensile nylon rollers to provide a continuous, smooth and unrivalled ride quality.

The product range includes a number of safety features that will provide you with many years of enjoyable, safe and reliable use of your stairlift.


Folding Hinge Track - A standard 120kg (19st) rated or heavy duty 160kg (25st) rated hinged track is available on the D160
lift for any installations close to doors and passageways

Seat Footrest Raiser - Helps to fold the lift away without having to bend down

Seat Belts and Harnesses - All lifts come with a seat belt as standard to provide additional security with an optional range of speciality harnesses and child seats available*

Safety Edges - The carriage and footrest are encased with pressure sensitive surfaces that automatically stop the lift if they sense an obstruction

* Check with your local retailer for details
Simple to Operate

The controls on the MediTek stairlift range have been ergonomically designed to ensure they are simple and easy to operate.

MediTek stairlifts include a host of new features aimed at helping you in your home.


Joystick - the easy to use joystick makes for finger light control

Emergency Holding Switch - For added safety the emergency holding switch will stop the lift instantly once pressed

Infra-Red Remote Controls - Wireless, wall mounted or hand held, infra-red remotes can be used to call and park the lift. The strong infrared sensors provide rapid, secure and uninterrupted control even in strong ambient light
Back Up and Diagnostics

MediTek stairlifts incorporate a number of diagnostic and backup systems to ensure ease of use and peace of mind.

To ensure your stairlift is always ready to use whenever you need it. MediTek stairlifts come with a number of backup features and an easy to read diagnostic display.


Power Back Up - MediTek is almost unique in that the on-board batteries do not rely on charging stations at each end of the track. Instead, the MediTek lift incorporates a charging strip that runs the length of the track to ensure the batteries are constantly charged, no matter where the lift is positioned on the stairs. This ensures your lift will always be available for use, even in the event of a mains power failure.

ICS - Diagnostics - The unique ICS diagnostic display (located in the arm rest) keeps you informed about your lift status, what is happening and what to do if something is wrong. The ICS diagnostic display is one of the reasons the MediTek lift is so cost effective and easy to use. The advanced diagnostics and alphanumeric display provides easy to read instant data on lift functions and service information without the need for a reference book or chart to interpret it.
Engineering Excellence and Quality Assurance

Engineering excellence is at the heart of the design and manufacture of MediTek stairlifts. We use quality components and proven technology to ensure many years of safe and reliable service.

MediTek stairlifts are made in the UK and we source many components from local suppliers.

MediTek invests significantly in product development and stairlift design and is proud to be leading the industry and achieving the very highest standards available.
The Sensible Choice

MediTek is an award* winning stairlift manufacturer, that has a reputation for making and supplying well designed and reliable stairlifts to make life easier for everyone.

MediTek is an active member of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) and the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and comply fully with their articles of association and codes of conduct.

MediTek stairlifts are available through an international network of approved distributors. Join the thousands of people all over the world that chose MediTek.
If you want a realistically priced, reliable stairlift with great local
service and aftercare, then join the thousands of people
all over the world that chose MediTek.