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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


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Handicare Stairlifts  (Freelift Stairlifts)
Looking for a stairlift for the inside of the stairs?

The Freelift Rembrandt has been developed specifically for mounting on the ‘inside’ of the stairs – this is normally the shorter travel distance along the staircase. The Rembrandt’s special design copes admirably with what are often steeper inside curves.

Benefits of the Freelift Rembrandt

The compact and unobtrusive stairlift is installed close to the wall leaving the rest of the stairway clear for other users. Different types of seat can be installed on the Freelift Rembrandt so there is sure to be something that meets your needs.

You can customise your lift to further suit your requirements by adding one of our useful additional functions. You can also choose from a range of upholstery options to suit you décor. You can choose a design to suit your home.

If you are interested in the experiences of other Freelift Rembrandt users, why not read some of our testimonials.

• The stairlift for the inside of the stairs.
• Wide choice of seats in a variety of colours.
• Single tube track, available in three colours as standard. Available in any RAL colour for an additional charge.  
• With a diameter of 76mm, the slimmest monorail track on the market.
• Extensive features as standard.
• Optional extras include auto-fold footplate and auto-swivel seat.
• For your safety, the Rembrandt comes with a seat belt as standard.
• Maximum load 125 kg.

Click here for more information: Freelift
Handicare Stairlifts  (Minivator Stairlifts)
Minivator Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers and installers of stairlifts and we have helped over 100,000 people regain their independence by providing safe and reliable solutions to the difficulties posed by stairs at home. At Minivator we know staying in their home can mean the world to some people and we are proud to have helped so many people overcome the problems they had climbing up and down stairs.

When you choose a Minivator stairlift you are not only selecting a model that complies to British and European standards, you are also choosing an ISO Quality approved supplier who conforms to the ethical business practices required by both the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), whose code of practice is approved by the Office of Fair Trading, and the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA). You have the peace of mind of knowing your stairlift has been made by a respected, reputable company with a tried and tested reputation for safety, reliability and innovation.

All Minivator stairlifts are designed with the user in mind. We have drawn on feedback from users, healthcare professionals and our substantial experience to develop a range of stairlifts to suit different users' needs and budgets too.

Some stairlift users may have limited dexterity or painful conditions such as arthritis; Minivator's signature operating toggle minimises these problems by making our stairlifts easy to use. The toggle can be fitted on whichever side of the stairlift is easiest for you to operate.

All that you need to do to use your Minivator stairlift is to press or hold the toggle in the direction you wish to travel and your stairlift will transport you smoothly and safely.

Minivator offers features such as a powered swivel seat and powered folding footplate; these can make using a stairlift even easier by allowing you to operate these functions at the touch of a button rather than manually - and battery back-up means they will still work in a power cut. Even if you don't need them now, they may be something you will benefit from in the future.

Click here for more information: Minivator

Handicare Stairlifts  (Sterling Stairlifts)

Sterling Stairlifts provide homeowners with safe, reliable and affordable chairlifts that allow them to regain their mobility and freedom. With the help of 101 Mobility and Sterling Stairlifts, you can regain your independence through our selection of top quality chairlifts.

Sterling Stairlifts are manufactured by Handicare and provide those in need of improved mobility with a wide range of features including power swivel seats, power folding footplates and battery backup for use during power outages.

 The Sterling Stairlifts also come with the signature Toggle system. The Toggle system is Sterling Stairlifts’ easy to use operating mechanism that allows you to run the stairlift with just the touch of a button. Simply press the Toggle in the direction you wish to go, either up or down the stairs, and the stairlift runs smoothly and easily. This is especially important for our customers who suffer from arthritis.

Models currently available include the:

• Sterling Simplicity
 •Sterling 1000 Straight Stairlift
• Sterling Curved Rail
• Sterling 1000 Outdoor Stairlift

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