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Learn About Stairlifts

How is a stairlift designed?

Stair lifts are an extraordinarily huge popular mobility aid for difficulty climbing stairs. Fundamentally, a railing or track is fitted to the treads of the staircase. The Acorn Stairlifts passenger’s stair lift chair is moved up and down the stairs on the track, battery powered on a modern rack and pinion system.
The user is always in absolute control, determining when to start the travel movement and the direction of the stairlift, up or down the stairs. The stairlift even works in a power outage.
On the Acorn Stairlifts Model 120, the #1 Selling Stairlift in the World, a retractable safety seat belt is always provided.
Acorn’s Overspeed Governor monitors the speed of the stairlift and prevents uncontrolled rapid descent.

How does a straight stair lift operate?

Straight stair lifts function in much the same method as a curved stairlift. A seat, chair or step (for standing or perch) is fixed onto a chassis mounted on a track (rail). The chair, perch or stand chassis carries a passenger up and down the stairs on the track.
The operator always manages complete control of the stairlift. A paddle switch on the arm rest is moved by the operator in the direction they wish to travel up or down the stairs or stop at any time. A hand held remote control can also be used. The Acorn speed is constant and provides a smooth ride.
Stairlifts benefit thousands of people, all over the World, to remain safe and independent in their own homes and stairlifts provide a superior quality of life. Straight stairlifts are the most popular design of stair lift used in the home, due to the fact that many staircases are straight in homes.

What are the different kinds of stair lifts?

There are two principal different types of stair-lifts, diverse characteristics of which are discussed in additional facts in different parts this website; there are straight rail (track) stair lifts and there are curved rail (track) stair lifts.
The style which you eventually need will be determined by the arrangement of your house. Either a curved rail stairlift, if your stairs curve or if your stairs are straight, a straight stair lift will be appropriate.
A choice will also have to be made about the sort of seat (standard or perch) which you need or a standing stairlift may be more suitable. This will influence your safety as well as your comfort.

What are the benefits of a stair lift?

The task to walk up stairs to go to bed or to go up to the bathroom may be difficult, but it can be more stress-free and much more comforting, once a stairlift has been installed. Stair-lifts have become quite important over the last few years and therefore many more individuals are considering purchasing one.
Stair lifts permit seniors and elderly people and also others with mobility difficulties, to have a better level of independence and remain in their own homes a longer period of time as they make it much easier for folks to travel between the different floors of their household.
For people for whom a home elevator lift is simply unachievable or too expensive, a stairlift can deliver a very encouraging and a very useful alternative.
Stair lifts can be close-fitting onto the side of your staircase and with no major structural modification which needs to be done to your home; this means that you don’t have to be worried with extensive and needless work being done on your home.
Stair lifts are also low-cost, relative to passenger elevator lifts or disabled lifts.

When is a stair lift right for you?

Since stairlifts are all about enhancing the independence of the folks using them, they are typically used by people for whom the stairs have become a task but who can still move small distances on level surfaces and who can raise themselves in and out of the stair lift chair.
Also, it is appropriate as a short-term solution for individuals who may have mobility problems due to an injury or an accident which has left them unable to ascend stairs properly. This sort of circumstance could well happen to anyone and stairlifts offer a good solution for the problem.
Stair lifts are appropriate for those who might have limited flexibility and mobility in their hands and legs. With a stair lift you must be capable to get into it and step out of it.

Should I purchase a stair-lift?

Obtaining a stair lift is going to be of value, if the mobility difficulties of the individual using the stair lift are going to be unchanged or will get worse. The cost and benefit could radically improve the quality of one’s life.

Is it beneficial to buy a brand new stair lift?

It is always better to purchase a brand new stairlift, installed by a factory technician, with the stairlift operating at its ultimate performance, with newest technology and warranty.
Acorn Stairlifts is the #1 selling stairlift in the world and a survey will reveal the cost may be affordable as to the choice of buying a used, previously owned, second hand stairlift on the market.
Again, be careful, a used stairlift may not fit your home stairs properly. Remember stair lift installations are a custom-fit matter. There are basically too many unknowns to deal with, too many things which could potentially go wrong.

What are the typical stairlift prices?

Acquiring a stair lift is clearly a financial decision. If you are going to purchase one, be concerned with a proper professional survey and measurement of the staircase and assessment of the surrounding environment, adjacent to the staircase. Stairlifts must a custom fit installation. You must keep ‘safety’ and ‘cost’ in mind.
Because prices vary for considerations of: the number of stairs, any bends or curves in the staircase or do you need a sit, stand or perch model or combination thereof or a standard or heavy duty model for weight capacity.
Does the stairlift fit to the right or left of the staircase? Do you need a hinge rail at the bottom of the stairs? Providing a typical price range can be misleading, but the true answer to the question comes from the professional surveyor, who can give you the exact fair price. Acorn Stairlifts will provide a No-Obligation Free Consultation and Survey Call 800-259-0370. You want the price that has consideration of ease of use, comfort, safety and the most affordable cost.

There is the option of going for a used model, that could seem to save, but you should also consider whether you will end up paying extra for servicing and maintenance. It could be a false bargain. Or you may lose the entire investment, if the stairlift fails at some point. Compare Your Acorn Surveyor's No-Obligation Price Quote to Used Prices. 


It is a simple truth that staying in your own home gives you a wonderful feeling of independence!

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