The Straight & Curved Stairlift Buyers Guide®


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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts



The Stairlift

  1. The First Stairlift
  2. Modern Stairlifts
  3. First Stairlift Manufacturer
  4. Classifications of Stairlifts
    1. Straight Rail Stairlifts
    2. Curved Rail Stairlifts
  5. Sub-Classification of Stairlifts
    1. Indoor Stairlift
    2. Outdoor Stairlift
  6. Types of Stairlifts
    1. Chair Stairlifts
    2. Chair Sit or Stand Stairlift
    3. Perch Seat Stairlift
    4. Perch or Stand Stairlift
    5. Stand Stairlift
    6. Wheelchair Lifts
  7. What are the Benefits of a Stairlift?
    1. Comfort and Safety
    2. Stay Active, Enjoy the Outdoors, Breathe in the Fresh Air, Work in the Garden
    3. Perch Seat (Perching) Stairlifts Benefits
    4. Stairlifts are a Solution to Eliminate the Fear of Falling
    5. Stairlifts are a Solution for Climbing Stairs
    6. A Stairlift is a Useful Addition for 'Peace of Mind'
    7. Stairlifts Aid the Disabled and Those Recovering from Injury or Surgery
    8. Stairlift Benefits of Safety, Convenience, Freedom, Independence
  8. Who Uses a Stairlift?
    1. Homeowners Who Choose to Remain in Their Home
    2. Those with a Sports Injury
    3. Elderly People
    4. Those with Difficulty Climbing Stairs
  9. How are Stairlifts Built?
    1. A Stairlift is Made Up of Several Major Assemblies
    2. Chair Seat
    3. Perch Seat
    4. Carriage
    5. Rail Track System
  10. Alternative Names of Stairlifts
  11. How are Stairlifts Powered?
    1. AC and DC Power
    2. AC/DC what is the Difference?
    3. The 21st Century DC Battery Powered Stairlift
    4. A Stairlift DC Rechargeable Battery
    5. A Stairlift Parked in a Battery Rechargeable Location
  12. What are the Different Types of Drive Systems?
    1. Rack and Pinion
    2. Winch Drum Cable Winding Machines
  13. Controls
    1. Diagnostic Digital Display
    2. Directional 'Paddle' Switch Controls
    3. Dual Electronic and Mechanical Braking Systems
    4. Infra-red Remote Control
    5. Lockable Isolation On/Off Key Switch
    6. Overspeed Governor
    7. Pressure Sensitive Safety Cut-off Sensor Surfaces
    8. Self-leveling and Automatic Speed Adjustment Transport System
  14. Features and Options
    1. Battery DC (Direct Current) Powered
    2. Diagnostic Digital Display
    3. Directional 'Paddle' Switch Controls
    4. Dual Mechanical and Electronic Braking Systems
    5. Fold-up Design
    6. Key Lockable On/Off Isolation Switch
    7. Limit Sensors
    8. Padded Seat and Backrest
    9. Perch Seat Stairlift
    10. Rack and Pinion Drive
    11. Rails (Stairlift Track)
    12. Hinged Rail
    13. Remote Control (Infra-red)
    14. Ride Quality
    15. Safety Cut-off Sensor Surfaces
    16. Safety Seat Belt
    17. Sit or Stand Multi-purpose Stairlift
    18. Slimline Fold-up Design
    19. Smooth start/stop action
    20. Stand Stairlift
    21. Swivel Seat
    22. Weather Proof Outdoor Stairlift
    23. Features of Modern Stairlifts
  15. Safety
  16. New, Used, Pre-owned Stairlifts Buying or Selling On-line
    1. Used Stairlift, New Stairlift Buying or Selling
    2. Important Factors
    3. What to Watch Out For
    4. Tips and Important Issues
  17. Self Installation of New Stairlifts and Pre-owned Stairlifts
    1. Warning
    2. Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (AEMA)
    3. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  18. Travel Speed
  19. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  20. Stairlift Glossary

Stairlift Research, Important Questions and Resources:


  • Why a Stairlift?
  • What are the Benefits of a Stairlift
  • Who Uses a Stairlift?
  • Who Should Use a Stairlift?
  • Are Stairlifts Safe?
  • What Happens If There is a Power Outage?
  • Is a Stairlift Easy to Use?
  • How is a Stairlift Made?
  • Are All Stairlifts the Same?
  • What Types of Stairlifts are Available?
  • How Do I Research a Stairlift?
  • What Do I Look for in a Stairlift
  • Are Stairlifts Affordable?
  • What Do I Need to Know About Stairlifts?
  • Who Makes the Best Stairlift?
  • How Do I Choose a Stairlift?
  • How are Stairlifts Built?
  • Which Stairlift is Best for My Use?
  • When Should I Acquire a Stairlift?
  • Where Should I Acquire a Stairlift?
  • How Should I Acquire a Stairlift?
  • Can I Rent or Lease a Stairlift?
  • Should I Buy a Stairlift On-Line on the Internet?
  • Can I Self Install a Stairlift Myself?
  • Can I Self Service a Stairlift?
  • Are Stairlifts Battery Powered?
  • What Kind of Warranty Comes with a Stairlift?
  • What Kind of Service is Required to Maintain a Stairlift?
  • Who Will Service My Stairlift?
  • Can I Purchase a Pre-owned Stairlift to Fit My Staircase?
  • Who Can I Talk to for Stairlift Advice?
  • Can I Obtain a Free Estimate for a Stairlift Cost?
  • Where Can I Obtain a Cost Estimate for a Stairlift?
  • Should I Buy New or Pre-owned?
  • How Do I Pay for a Stairlift?
  • Does Medicare Cover the Cost for a Stairlift?
  • What Should I Be Cautious About Concerning a Stairlift?
  • How Long Does It Take to Install a Stairlift?
  • Is There a Stairlift Buyer's Guide Checklist?   


Important Resources:
  • History of the Stairlift
  • A Stairlift Buyers Guide
  • Guide to Modern Stairlifts
  • Features of a Stairlift
  • Options for a Stairlift
  • State and Local Jurisdiction Safety Codes
  • Health Issues with Stairs
  • Falling Down Stairs
  • Doctors Advice about Stairlifts
  • A Stairlift Glossary of Terms
  • Stairlift Manufacturer Reviews
  • Stairlift Model Reviews
  • A New Stairlift vs a Used Stairlift
  • Certified Pre-owned Stairlifts
  • A Good Used Stairlift
  • Advice from the Experts
  • Certified Stairlift Installers
  • Certified Stairlift Technicians
  • Safety Tips About Stairlifts
  • Safety Tips to Avoid Falling Down Stairs
  • How Stairlifts Help Users and Care Givers
  • Growth of the Stairlift Industry
  • Should I Move or Stay in My Home?
  • What is the Cost Benefit of Owning a Stairlift?
  • Will a Stairlift Make My Life Safer?
  • Will a Stairlift Make Life Easier?
  • Will a Stairlft Help Me Regain My Independence?