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Freelift Stairlifts Review


August 11, 2013
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Freelift Stairlifts, USA, Holland


Freelift Offices

USA, Holland, United Kingdom


About Us


Handicare Stairlifts' head offices are based in Heerhugowaard, in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland. Handicare Stairlifts manufactures high-quality stairlifts for the Freelift Stairlift range. The Freelift Stairlifts are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.


Benefits of a Freelift stairlift

Handicare Stairlifts has produced and installed lifts for more than 125 years and has many satisfied and happy users worldwide. Their innovations take care of the most comfortable, safe and whisper quiet stairlifts.
A Freelift Stairlift from Handicare is not only convenient, but also beautiful and fits any house and interior by its huge range of seats, rails and colors. Top quality in all respects makes a Freelift Stairlift a valuable asset for your convenience.

You will have independence with contemporary design and maximum safety in house for a price that will certainly appeal to you. With a one-off investment you will retain your mobility and be able to stay in your own home.

A perfect solution for every staircase

Freelift Stairlifts has a solution for every staircase. All Freelift curved stairlifts share the same typical features: easy to operate, whisper silent and functional design with the single tubular rail. With our different types of stairlifts we are able to place a Freelift Stairlift in every type of house and provide a safe and comfortable ride up even the most complicated of staircases. The compact design allows plenty of space for other stair users.
The Freelift Stairlift runs along a single tubular rail which is designed to hug the edge of your staircase closely while leaving the rest of the staircase clear for other users.
The rail system is the same regardless of which side of the stairs it is situated, or if it travels over multiple floors only the model name will change.
If the rail follows the shorter (internal) edge of the staircase your stairlift will be a Rembrandt, if it follows the longer (external) edge it will be a Van Gogh. The Vermeer is used for installations that cover more that one story.

A tailor-made solution


Perfectly finished, 100% made to measure… and yet rapidly installed at your home. We will, after an informal visit, explain all the features of our stairlifts to you in detail.

Each Freelift Stairlift is designed to suit your individual staircase. We use advanced PhotoSurvey technology to make accurate measurements and we have all the options available to ensure the best possible fit for your staircase.



Convenience serves people... and lifting equipment of Handicare has been doing just that for more than 125 years. With technical perfection, intelligent solutions and safe applications, Handicare’s innovations have provided not only greater comfort, but also more attractive stairlifts... in your style, your taste. Top quality in all respects make the Handicare stairlift a valuable asset for independence around the home. Many satisfied users experience that every day.


Quality and safety


A Freelift Stairlift stands for high quality: quality in terms of safety, innovation, comfort and design. Furthermore, all our products are tested and approved by worldwide independent inspection services. This gives you the assurance that all our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and safety.








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