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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Dual Braking Systems

Dual Mechanical and Electronic Braking Systems (Essential)

Dual Electronic and Mecanical Braking Systems

Dynamic motor braking through the motor controller, self locking gear box, electro-mechanical motor brake and overspeed brake protection. The Dual Braking Fail-Safe System eliminates any possibility of an uncontrolled descent. This gives you complete peace of mind when using a stairlift.

Advanced modern stairlifts are fitted with two independent safety systems, a double safety Dual Braking System Electronic and Mechanical which means that the stairlift is unable to descend unexpectedly or at speed. This is an essential safety feature that is imperative to have on your stairlift.
Added security and safety comes with an Overspeed Governor (OSG) built into the chassis of a stairlift. Should the OSG mechanism sense any over-speed, the centrifugal force causes the over speed governor cams to fly out and in turn release the safety gear jaw which rapidly clamps to the stairlift rail and disengages the motor drive power bringing the stairlift to an immediate safe stop.

Dual Braking Mechanical and Electrical Systems (Electromechanical)

Motor Brake | Main Control Board | Motor Gear Assembly | OSG Assembly
Motor Brake | Main Control Board | Motor Gear Assembly | OSG Assembly
  • Dual Braking System, a stair lift can have both a mechanical and electrical braking system. This prevents the stair lift from descending out of control, in the unlikely chance that there is a motor failure.


  • It is essential that your stairlift be equipped with a dual mechanical and electrical braking system, an important safety feature that prevents the stairlift from plunging uncontrollably down the staircase should the motor mechanism fail.