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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Platinum Curve Heavy Duty Stairlift

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Platinum Curve Heavy Duty

Platinum Stairlift Heavy Duty
Platinum Curve Heavy Duty, larger than average people with complex staircases now have the choice and ability to install a quality built, cost effective curved style stairlift.

Designed to incorporate the same high standards of comfort and safety as the standard Platinum Curve, the Platinum Curve Heavy Duty has a number of additional extras including:


  • An increased weight capacity of 160kg (25st) – 40kg (6st) more than most standard lifts
  • Wider seat with adjustable arm width in 25mm increments
  • A stronger swivel boss and hardened acetyl rollers to retain a smooth and comfortable ride quality
  • Additional legs placed on the rail for additional stability and strength
  • Platinum was the first UK stairlift manufacturer to design and build a dedicated curved stairlift aimed at helping to cater for the Bariatric consumer.


Features and options available include:


  • Powered or Manual Footrest Raisers
  • Drop Nose Finish
  • Choice of Upholstery colors
  • Full LED Diagnostic System


Acorn Stairlifts 80 Curved Rail Stairlift
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