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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Benefits of a Stairlift

What are the Benefits of a Stairlift?

Comfort and Safety

Man Enjoying a Ride on a Chair Lift Stairlift
Man Enjoying a Ride on a Chair Lift Stairlift
A Stair Chair Lift can effortlessly take you up and down your staircase in Comfort and Safety. You can glide smoothly from one floor level to another, and you will realize how wonderful it is to have 'Peace of Mind' to enjoy your whole home again.
Not simply for the handicapped, stairlifts are a great solution for anyone who finds a bit of difficulty going up and down their stairs.

Affordable and Cost Effective 

A Stairlift Chair Lift is a very affordable and cost-effective complete home accessibility solution. Stairlifts are easy to use, and easy to maintain; and modern stairlifts display the very best in design, engineering, and safety features. Like many satisfied customers worldwide, you'll wonder why you hadn't chosen a stairlift earlier! Regain Your Independence and Freedom. 

Stay Active, Enjoy the Outdoors, Breathe in the Fresh Air, Work in the Garden  

Outdoor Stairlift | Man in Garden | Family Outdoors
Outdoor Stairlift | Man in Garden | Family Outdoors

Outdoor Stairlifts

The challenge of outdoor steps can now be overcome. Get out and about whenever your heart desires. An outdoor stair lift can help you utilize the stairs outside your home with confidence and ease all year long. Outdoor stairlifts are designed to withstand the elements with manufacturers offering fully weatherproof and waterproof stairlifts.
If you have mobility impairments and live in a home with an outdoor entryway that is only accessible by exterior stairs from the sidewalk to the front door or you would like access or need or want to use your outside stairs; the outdoor stair lift is an ideal solution for situations involving any staircase that is exposed to the elements
Stairlifts are designed for all access solutions including the back stairs, the back yard, basement, beach, cabin to the boathouse, deck, exterior entryway, front door stairs or stoop, garage, garden, lakeside dock stairs, outdoor porch or sun decks steps. The outdoor stair lift is very popular with those lucky enough to live in beach homes, as some stairlifts are well protected from the ravages of salt air.
Outdoor stairlifts are designed to overcome weather problems and are protected from the elements, so they can be used no matter what the weather. There are even waterproof covers to further protect the seat and chassis to keep it clean and dry from the rigors of the outdoors when not in use.
Outdoor stairlifts are specially designed by some manufactures with the same assurances of quality, safety and reliability as indoor stairlifts to work all year round. Outside stairlifts are an ideal solution for either a flight of outside stairs or for just a few steps leading down into to your garden.
Outdoor stairlift are capable of working come rain or shine to help you navigate the stairs outside your home and they offer unique mobility to extend your independence safely and securely outside your home. An outside stairlift can assist you with obstacles that prevent you from gaining access to and from your home.
Leisurely visiting about in the garden is one of those passions people with extra time certainly love to do, but for disabled persons or seniors who really do wish to work in their garden, or have access to the garden or back yard; this desire may be out of the question due to stairs.
Whether going up to the main doorway or down to the garden, an outside stair lift is designed to take away barriers to enjoying the garden or other recreational pastimes. Lifts often add years of mobility for people wishing to age in place in their own home.
Outdoor stairlifts come with chair seats, footrests or platforms and are sold and installed worldwide. They are comparable to indoor stairlifts but with improved waterproofing and weatherproofing.
Outdoor stair lifts are a perfect solution for difficulty with outdoor staircases and steps. If you have mobility impairments and live in a home with an outside entryway that is only accessible by stairs or steps an outdoor stairlift is a perfect, affordable solution to mobility issues with your outdoor stairs, making your life more enjoyable and your whole home accessible again.

Stairlifts Aid the Disabled and Those Recovering from Injury or Surgery

Therapy After a Knee Injury | Man After Hip Surgery | Woman After Injury | Handicap Person
Knee Injury Therapy | Man After Surgery | Woman After Injury | Handicap Person

Limitations Become a Concern

Those who are living with a permanent handicap, recovering from knee or hip surgery, disabled due to an accident, having difficulty with grip strength needed  to hold on to the stair railing, or who are experiencing a continuous decrease in mobility as they age are most likely facing a major challenge when it comes to climbing their stairs. It is a known fact that most falls occur in people over the age of 60. If you are unsteady on your feet, then a staircase becomes a dangerous situation.

Stairlifts are a Solution to Eliminate Fear of Falling

Left to Right: Woman with Arthritis | Man in Rehabilitation | Man Fallen with a Cane
Woman with Arthritis | Man in Rehabilitation | Man Fallen with a Cane

Fear of falling brings concern and anxiety for one's safety. Fear may be impacted by a real life experience of the traumatic event of a past fall. Therefore that fall can become associated with the future possibility of another fall. Dread or the anticipation of a fall can trigger panic and fright, elevating distressing emotions which then may cause an accident. Fear can hamper and impact a person's ability to function normally on a daily basis. Simple tasks such as standing, walking and climbing can be affected by apprehension of falling. Fear of falling can have a disturbing impact on every aspect of a person's lifestyle.



Stairlifts are a Solution for Climbing Stairs

Stairlifts assist people who have a fear of falling. Safety sensors, safety seat belts, soft start and soft stop technology and battery power for safety are included with most stair lifts. With a stairlift a user may sit back, relax and ride in comfort up and down the stairs. No more fear of falling! Stairlift Innovative Technology has helped thousands to overcome the fear of falling on stairs in their home.

Stairlift a Useful Addition for 'Peace of Mind'

Elderly Man Riding on a Stairlift
Elderly Man Riding on a Stairlift
A stair lift is a useful addition to many people's homes; providing easy access to the upstairs when the stairs themselves become too difficult to climb. A stairlift can be mounted on the staircase in a home, church or business; on which a disabled or elderly person sits to be carried upstairs and downstairs. The person on the chair or a sit or stand stairlift or a perch stairlift platforcarriage is lifted up the staircase; as the carriage moves along the track rail. The user has a control paddle switch on the actual stairlift to operate the lift. The chair is attached to the carriage, a component which moves along the rail normally running on small diameter rollers. In most designs the carriage is power-driven along the inclined rail by a rack and pinion drive system, or is pulled and lowered by a cable system or chain system.

Stairlift Benefits of Safety, Convenience, Freedom, Independence

Personal Safety Navigating the Stairs
Personal Safety Navigating the Stairs
  • Able to go upstairs to bed or to the bathroom just makes life easier
  • Access bedroom and bathroom on a regular basis throughout the day
  • Aids people with limited mobility
  • Avoid having to convert or remodel your home
  • Battery operation 
  • Can carry on living in my own home
  • Can open up the whole house to someone
  • Carries injured, elderly or disabled person from one floor to another
  • Comfortable sleep knowing there is no risk of trips and falls on stairs
  • Conserve your personal energy
  • Convenient access to all levels of the home
  • Do not have to negotiate any stairs
  • Do not need to be limited to only the downstairs
  • Do not need to move to a ground floor home
  • Don’t have to wait until there is someone to help you with the stairs
  • Eliminate enduring the pain of climbing stairs
  • Eliminates anxiety and fear of falling down stairs
  • Exterior stairlift for mobility access to the home
  • Exterior stairlifts avoid danger of wet and slippery conditions
  • Gives back independence and safely to access all rooms of the home
  • Greatly reduce risk of injury from walking up and down the stairs
  • Health condition mobility aid 
  • Helps to cut down on accidents on the stairway
  • I have 'Peace of mind' from falling down the stairs
  • Improve the negative impact on both physical and mental well-being
  • Improves disabled access in your home
  • Improve your independence 
  • It's safe and so easy to use
  • Keep your independence and freedom
  • Many gain a new lease on life and find new independence
  • More energy left over for other things now
  • My children are much happier now
  • My home is so much safer now
  • My family has piece of mind knowing their parents can go to bed safely at night
  • No falling down stairs
  • No need to remodel, build an extension or convert other rooms in the house
  • No need to risk hurting yourself by slipping on the stair treads or carpet
  • Once again can climb stairs but now in a comfortable seated position
  • Optimum personal safety
  • Outdoor stairlift can ensure enjoyment of the outdoors, garden and back yard
  • Peace of Mind  
  • Personal safety navigating the stairs
  • Physical Stress Mobility Solution 
  • Provides easy access to the top floors of your house
  • Reduces pain and difficulty climbing the stairs
  • Reduces stress of care giver & patient to help with mobility
  • Reduces the number of trips and falls on stairs often resulting in serious injury
  • Regain full use of your home 
  • Regain Independent living in your own home
  • Regain lost quality of life
  • Regain your freedom 
  • Remain in familiar surroundings
  • Remain in your own home - the home that you love
  • Rewarding to be able to provide a permanent solution for stairs difficulty
  • Safe use of the stairlift puts people's minds at rest
  • Safely access the bedroom at night not having to spend the night on the sofa or armchair
  • Saves having to crawl up and down the stairs on your hands and knees
  • Slim line design folding seat and footrest 
  • Stairlifts are a great health and safety device

Perch Seat (Perching) Stairlifts Benefits

Man on a Perch Seat Stairlift | Man with Knee Trouble
Man on a Perch Seat Stairlift | Man with Knee Trouble

If you have restricted movement in your knees, or your legs will not bend enough to allow you to sit down on a stairlift there are mobility solutions to help make it easier for you to get up and down the stairs, such as a perch seat which is available for both straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. Perch seat stairlifts have a platform for the user to stand on and a small seat which the user can lean against as they travel up and downstairs.

The perch seat is placed above the stairlift carriage and is much smaller than those found on the standard chair seated versions of the straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. The perch seat reduces the struggle of movement in and out of a chair when mounting and dismounting from the stairlift.
Perch seat stairlifts help passengers to sit on a perch seat on a stairlift; passengers that have restricted or limited movement in the hip joints or knees and find sitting challenging, difficult or painful. Perch stairlifts are very similar to standing stairlifts except that they provide a small amount of additional support, a perch seat for the user to "sit" in a standing position. The passenger is transported in a perching position, a position between sitting and standing.
The Perch Stairlift is also perfect for people who have narrow stairs or struggle bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as regular straight rail or curved stairlifts, the perch model can include a comfortable grab rail for extra security, a guard rail, a single bar, arms at either side of the seat to hold on to and a wander lead control, which can be positioned for maximum comfort and ease of operation, while the stairlift is in motion.
Comfort is always a concern of the stairlift industry. Improved and new developments have been made to make your ride even more comfortable. With fully height adjustable perch seating arrangements, a perching position on the new lifts offer the perfect solution for customers who have problems sitting or bending at the hips. Perch stairlifts can easily be operated by a remote control system, or alternatively with a grab bar or wander lead control which can be positioned for maximum comfort and ease of operation.
Your difficulties with going up and down stairs should not stop you from having an independent lifestyle. A perch stairlift is perfect for people who struggle bending their knees, when ascending or descending their stairs or they have narrow stairs on the staircase. The perch stair lift enables people who have problems with sitting down to have as comfortable a journey as possible up and down the stairs.
Perch Stairlift Features can include:

• Padded seat and backrest to ensure that the Perch stair lift gives the most comfortable ride available.
• Directional toggle switch easy to operate, even by those with limited dexterity.
• Safety belt and handrail included for added security.
• Folding arms and footrest slimline fold-away design allows easy access to the staircase.
• Fast stairlift installation that fixes easily to the staircase treads
• Lockable on/off switch that allows the user to prevent others from using the lift. (ex. Children)
• Diagnostic digital display informs the user of the status of the stair lift.
• Safety sensors on the footrest and carriage to stop the stair lift if an obstruction is encountered.
• Remote controls infra-red handsets which allow the user to call or send the stair lift up or down the staircase such as a TV remote. A remote control may be used by a care giver.

Benefits of a perch stairlift

Perch seats are appropriate for anyone who labors or struggles to get to a seated position. This can be due to any number of causes such as those who have difficulty bending their knees due to severe arthritis, hip problems or back problems.
Greater independence is achieved for the user to once again access all floors of the home instead of moving downstairs, or into a single story housing arrangement.
There are both curved stairlifts and straight stairlifts available with a perch seat. A perch seat affords a much more comfortable option than a seated stairlift as it allows a passenger to remain in an upright position on the short travel up and down stairs.
A perch seat can also be used by those homes which have very narrow stairs for example a town house. A perch seat will extend less into the staircase where the stair tread width may be specially reduced. Perch stairlifts are available with a foldaway footrest to maximize staircase space when it is not in use.