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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


The Acorn 130 Straight and 180 Curved Stairlift!

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Acorn 130 Stairlifts
 The Perfect Choice for Straight Stairs
World's Best Selling Stairlifts | USA Nationwide Sales
Acorn Stairlifts are World Leaders in the
installation and innovation of stairlifts

Acorn 130 Stairlifts


For a straight staircase, the Acorn 130 Stairlift is the perfect choice, designed and built purely with the user in mind. The stair lift has a slimline fold-away design, and a wealth of features. Say goodbye to difficulty with the stairs with the Acorn 130 Stairlift.

Acorn is the World's Best Selling Straight Stairlift. The Acorn Stairlifts Company is a manufacturer and supplier worldwide with offices in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia and currently manufactures in excess of 600,000 new units per year and has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
Acorn Offers USA Nationwide Sales to our Customers, the best stairlift technology, numerous standard safety features, maintenance-free operation, years of trouble-free use and a world class manufacturer specializing in installation, maintenance contracts and repairs.

Acorn 130 Stairlifts - Overview


When your staircase becomes a challenge, preventing you from safely accessing other levels in your home, the Acorn 130 Superglide Stair Lift, designed and built with the user in mind, will give you full access to the home you love. The Acorn 130 Stairlift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability in the technology of stair lifts and is a world-class product offering a wide range of options and accessories.

The Acorn 130 Stairlift is battery powered, allowing additional peace of mind in the event of a power outage. The footrest is extremely close to the ground floor level; also it ends level with the top stair nose, giving easy access to the landing. When not in use the Acorn 130 Stairlift, with its slim profile fold-up design, can be easily folded away ensuring the stairway is not obstructed for use by other members of the household.

With it's stylish design, the Acorn Stairlift will blend subtly into your home. The lift is operated using a paddle switch located on the armrest. Radio frequency remotes are provided to allow the lift to be remotely called. The unique transport system moves the carriage along the single low profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed, providing an exceptionally smooth ride. The system's electronic programming ensures excellent operational performance. At Acorn safety is not an option. All of our lifts come standard with everything included to ensure the user a safe and comfortable ride. Years of research have gone into making the Acorn Stairlift one of the safest stairlifts available today, offering you total peace of mind.

It is a simple truth that staying in your own home gives you a wonderful feeling of independence. Don't waste another minute wondering if a stairlift is right for you. Call 800-259-0370 or fill out the form at the top of this page to request more information or a FREE quote. If you prefer, one of our friendly, experienced specialists will be happy to call you back and arrange a time to personally meet with you, assess your specific needs, and answer all of your questions - ALL FREE AND WITH NO OBLIGATION.

Fits to the stairs, not the wall | Slimline fold-away design
Perch or Sit /Stand options available
Automatic speed adjustment to ensure
optimum performance and safety

With the Acorn 130 Stairlift,
You can say goodbye to difficulty with the stairs 

Acorn 130 Stairlifts -

Features and Benefits


The Acorn Superglide Stairlift is exceptional value - with more features as standard, without costing you any extra!


  • Padded seat and backrest
    Ensures that Acorn Stairlifts give the most comfortable ride available.
  • Directional paddle switches
    Easy to operate, even by those with limited dexterity.

  • Seatbelt
    Lifts are fitted as standard for added security.

  • Folding arms, seat and footrest
    Slimline fold-away design allows easy access for other users.

  • Lockable swivel seat
    Firmly locks in three positions for safety and ease of use. The stairlift does not move until seat is safely in the travelling position.

  • Fast Installation
    The Acorn 130 installs quickly and easily to your staircase, not the wall, so there's no mess, and no need for any repairs.

  • Lockable on/off switch
    Preventing others from unauthorized use.

  • Diagnostic digital display
    Informs the user of the status of the stair lift.

  • Five Safety sensors
    If an obstruction is encountered, the safety sensors will stop the carriage until the obstruction is cleared.


  • Remote controls
    2 handsets supplied, which allow the user to 'call' or 'send' the stair lift up or down the staircase.
  • Soft Start & Stop -No jarring at the top or bottom of your stairs.
  • DC battery powered - Smooth, whisper-quiet in operation and works even during a power failure.
  • Rack & Pinion Drive - Ensures a quiet, smooth ride.
  • Overspeed Governor (OSG) - Acorn believes that it is irresponsible to supply a stairlift without this vital safety equipment.
  • Digital Status Display - Equipped with smart technology that let's you know the status of your stairlift at any moment.
  • Sealed Gearbox - No lubrication needed, no leaks.
  • Perch or Sit and Stand stairlift options available.
  • Outdoor stairlift option available.
  • Next day installation available in most locations.
Acorn 130 Stairlifts - Options


Perch Stairlifts


Trouble bending your knees? Staircase exceptionally narrow?

Then an Acorn Perch Stairlift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.

The Acorn Perch Stairlift is perfect for people who have narrow stairs or struggle bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as Acorn 130 straight stair lifts, the perch model includes a comfortable grab rail for extra security.

Sit or Stand Stairlifts


Designed for multiple users with different requirements, the sit or stand stairlift allows the user to to choose whether to sit or stand when traveling.

If more than one person needs the use of a stairlift, but have different requirements, then an Acorn 130 sit or stand stairlift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.

Acorn Sit or Stand Stairlifts are the perfect choice when one person is able to sit safely when using a stairlift; and the other has difficulty bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as the Acorn 120 Superglide Stairlifts, the Sit or Stand Stairlift gives the user the option to either sit or stand in comfort and safety.

Outdoor Stairlifts


For those who require a stair lift outside their home

Acorn can provide fully weather-proofed stair lifts that are designed for outdoor use, supplied with a durable waterproof cover for extra protection.

Regain the Freedom of Your Home

The Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift is one of the most technologically advanced stairlifts available, helping thousands of people worldwide to reclaim full access to their home. It's the safe, comfortable and simple solution to difficulty with the stairs. Every aspect of the Acorn Superglide has been designed for the highest standards of comfort and safety. Our years of experience has helped us to create a stairlift that is built purely with the user in mind.

The Acorn Superglide is powered by a maintenance-free DC power pack, which ensures your lift works even in the event of a power outage. The Superglide's smooth start/stop action means just that - no sudden jerks or jolts, and the near silent motion of the lift blends unobtrusively into your home.

Another feature pioneered by Acorn is the on-board diagnostic control panel which alerts you to any potential problems before they arise. You can rest safe in the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide have already enjoyed the Acorn experience.
Acorn Stairlifts is officially the first stairlift
company to earn the prestigious
Ease-of-Use Commendation from the
Arthritis Foundation.
Click here to learn more.
Lockabble Swivel Seat for Safe Departure
Adjustable, Retractable Seat Belt
Directional Paddle Switch for Ease of Use
Foot Rest with Safety Sensors
Outdoor Stairlift
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